Chucri Advogados offers its clients legal advice specialized in Environmental Law acting in the onsulting and litigation areas.


Consulting Area:


  • Preventive environmental consultancy and advice, involving the preparation of studies, opinions, consultations and guidelines related to Environmental Law;


  • Legal advice on environmental licensing, including participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA / RIMA, Public Hearings and other environmental studies;


  • Project and activity planning, from conception to startup and, also, deactivation;


  • Studies, analysis and advice in the elaboration and revision of environmental legislation (federal, state and municipal), as well as in the structuring of corporate environmental policies;


  • Environmental crisis management;


  • Institutional relationship with environmental agencies at various levels, public authorities, community, NGOs and Public Prosecutors;


  • Fulfillment and Implementation of Due Diligence;


  • Technical and legal environmental audits;


  • Conducting lectures, courses and training on environmental legislation.



Litigation Area:


  • Representation and defense in legal suits, especially in writ of mandamus, annulment action, public civil action and popular action, before the State, Federal and Superior Courts;


  • Elaboration of administrative defenses of infraction notices;


  • Advising and monitoring of Civil Inquiry and Term of Adjustment of Conduct with the Public Prosecution Service;


  • Assistance in environmental criminal legal suits;


  • Negotiation of Terms of Commitment and Terms of Conduct Adjustment - TAC;

  • Follow-up of administrative processes with the competent agencies in the Municipal, State and Federal areas, as well as elaboration of defenses and appeals arising from Infraction Acts;


  • Acting with the Justice and Environmental Defense Attorneys.

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